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Introduction to enGauge

The Questions:

Over $7 billion is invested annually in educational technology. Increasingly, policymakers, administrators, and teachers are being asked:

  • What value does technology bring to our nation's schools?
  • How can our schools ensure a return on these investments?
  • Why does technology work in some schools and not in others?

The Answers:

EnGauge, a new Web-based framework developed by NCREL with Metiri Group, provides deep insights into these critical questions.

A Comprehensive Approach

Schools face the challenge of preparing students to live, learn, and work successfully in today's knowledge-based digital society. To do so will require high-performance learning of academic content using 21st-century skills and tools. To accomplish this, schools must become high-performance learning organizations. The enGauge framework identifies Six Essential Conditions—systemwide factors critical to effective uses of technology for student learning.

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