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Assessment and Continuous Improvement
of Educational Technology Using the
® Professional Development Program

Statement of Need:

School districts face the challenge of preparing students to live, learn, and work successfully in today's knowledge-based digital society. To do so will require high-performance learning of academic content using 21st century skills and tools. To accomplish this, school districts must answer several critical questions:

  • What value do educational technologies bring to a school district?
  • How can the effectiveness of instructional technology be determined?
  • How can district stakeholders be engaged as active participants in the self-assessment process?
  • How can objective data be gathered and applied?
  • How should progress be reported?
  • How can data be aggregated to inform plans for continuous improvement?
  • What kind of professional development is necessary to ensure results?
  • How can assessment data be integrated into an overall school/district improvement plan?


In collaboration with North Central Regional Technology Education Consortium (NCRTEC), NCREL has developed the enGauge® Professional Development Program for schools and districts that desire insight into these key questions. The enGauge Professional Development Program is based on the well-respected, research-based enGauge framework for the effective use of technology in teaching and learning. This framework identifies Six Essential Conditions, which are systemwide factors critical to effective uses of technology for teaching and learning:

  • Vision
  • Practice
  • Proficiency
  • Equity
  • Access
  • Systems

The enGauge framework is accompanied by a suite of online surveys as well as a site-visit process, both of which are designed to evaluate the "current reality" within each of the enGauge conditions at the classroom, school, and district levels. The enGauge Professional Development Program utilizes the online surveys as well as the site-visit process in one of two ways, either through the enGauge Guided Program or the enGauge Partner Program.

The enGauge Guided Program is suited for a single district that desires an objective consultant to lead the enGauge evaluation process, including collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing survey and site-visit data and developing the resulting district and/or school profiles. With this approach, an NCREL-licensed enGauge consultant will collaborate with district leaders to coordinate the process, but the consultant executes all phases of the work.

The enGauge Partner Program is designed for a district that is interested in a cost-effective approach that involves teaming with another local district or school to collaboratively conduct the site visit assessment process. In this approach, an NCREL-licensed enGauge consultant facilitates two 2-day sessions with both partner districts or schools. In the first session, the district or school leaders learn how to set up and administer the online surveys and how to conduct a site visit for their partner school or district. After the first session, districts or schools administer the surveys and conduct their site visits. Several weeks after the first session, all participants meet again for a second two-day session with the enGauge consultant, where they synthesize and analyze their survey data and receive their site-visit profile from their partner schools or district. The consultant then helps participants use these enGauge profile reports to plan for changes in their technology use.

Both enGauge approaches include the same content and process, but the distinct difference is that experienced, NCREL-licensed enGauge consultants lead and conduct all steps in the Guided Program, while in the Partner Program, the consultant teaches and empowers district leaders to conduct the review process themselves.


Costs for the enGauge Guided Program are specific to the size and scope of each client's project.

Costs for the enGauge Partner Program are specific to the size and scope of the program.


enGauge Guided Program
NCREL-licensed enGauge consultant completes the enGauge Guided Program work in approximately six weeks from contract signing. This scope includes data collection, synthesis, analysis, and report generation by the consultant.

enGauge Partner Program
NCREL-licensed enGauge consultant completes the enGauge Partner Program work in approximately eight weeks from contract signing. This scope includes the first two-day on-site stakeholder meeting, the time involved for district personnel to conduct the data collection process, and the second two-day, on-site stakeholder meeting.


Typical deliverables for these projects are:

  • enGauge Online Profiles—The enGauge Online Profiles consist of data from online surveys taken by various school and district staff members, organized into project, school, and educator profiles. The school profile includes a snapshot of a school's progress within the Six Essential Conditions for effective use of educational technology. This profile also contains information regarding how respondents prioritized both 21st century skills and the importance of technology integration in various content areas. The project profile provides an aggregated view of all district responses to the online survey. The educator profiles are intended to capture not only specific technology skills, but also educator proficiency with planning, implementing, and assessing technology-supported learning with students. Note that the Online Profiles are generated by NCREL's enGauge Web site.

  • enGauge On-Site Profile—The enGauge On-Site Profile provides the district with a summary and a detailed view of the current reality of the district within each of the essential conditions along a continuum designed to highlight continuous improvement paths and possible strategies. Note that the On-Site Profiles are generated by an NCREL-licensed consultant in the Guided Program and by the partner district in the Partner Program.

For additional information and to order enGauge Partner Program or enGauge Guided Program, please call NCREL's Call Center at 800/252-0283 or e-mail

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