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Quick Start

Here are some quick entry points into the enGauge Web site as well as some answers to frequently asked questions:

1. What is effective teaching and learning technology?

Take a look at the following success stories:

2. How can a school design a professional development program on the effective use of technology in the classroom that does not take teachers away from their classrooms?

Check out the following enGauge sections:

3. What types of evaluation and assessment can track the effectiveness of technology funds in a school district?

EnGauge provides insights into tracking progress with technology at three levels:

4. Can my school or district use the enGauge online assessment to support technology planning or grants?

Use of the enGauge online assessment is free of charge. Just familiarize yourself with the survey, register as a project leader, and conduct the assessment.

5. Why does technology work in some school buildings and not others?

Tracking each of your schools' progress toward achieving the Six Essential Conditions can explain why some schools are able to use technology effectively and others are not. Data is provided to zero in on what needs attention in each school or at the district level. The first step is to set up a school or district project.

6. What does the research say about the value technology brings to learning?

This is a good place to start—and to return to as new research evolves. Check out Sound Base in Research and Best Practices.

7. Can technology help mathematics students with difficult geometry concepts?

The enGauge resource section allows you to explore the top technology-supported resources in K-12 mathematics. These top resources were identified by a research team at University of California Berkeley.


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