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Notes & Reflections (formerly Field Notes) for profesional developers, from professional developers

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Notes From the Field - Reader Responses

Welcome to Notes & Reflections, our newsletter for professional development providers. Notes & Reflections is a free electronic newsletter that offers practical information—ideas, strategies, tools, and resources—about topics of special interest to professional developers who are working to improve school performance. Notes & Reflections is published two or three times a year.

Today, professional development services to schools are provided by variety of people: teacher leaders; principals; and district, regional, and state education staff—to name just a few. If you are one of these providers, Notes & Reflections will help you build your capacity to plan and implement powerful professional development.

Notes & Reflections is now published exclusively on this Web site. The portable document format (PDF) version of Notes & Reflections is available for download. You may subscribe to our electronic mailing list to receive e-mail notification of each new issue of Notes & Reflections.

Notes From the Field is a new Notes & Reflections feature that allows its readers an opportunity to share their successful professional development methods, tips, and tools with other readers.
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