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Professional Development:
Learning From the Best

Toolkit Powerpoint Presentation Guide with Facilitator Notes

By popular demand! An easy-to-use facilitator's PowerPoint presentation guide to use when educating or familiarizing a group with NCREL's Professional Development: Learning From the Best toolkit. This presentation includes three separate modules for facilitators to customize their own toolkit presentations to fit specific needs.

Professional Development: Learning From the Best Toolkit Highlights (Mac1 200k or PC2 Powerpoint document 300k)
An hour-long presentation on the principles and essential elements of high-quality professional development found in the toolkit.

A Walk Through the Toolkit (Mac or PC Powerpoint document 68k)
A fifteen-minute overview of the toolkit and its unique features.

Professional Development: Where Are You Now? (Mac1 300k or PC2 Microsoft word and Rich text format document 328k)
A quick three-page assessment checklist that helps school leaders determine where to focus efforts to change professional development. Valuable to use with or without the Toolkit Facilitator's PowerPoint presentation and guide.

1 Macintosh version is compressed with Aladdin Stuffit. You can unstuff it with Aladdins free software Stuffit Expander.

2Windows version is compressed with Winzip. You can unzip it with the free download from Winzip's site.
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