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Involving Others in Organizing PD

Find about how to involve important stakeholders -- staff, parents, community members, and other professionals -- in your staff development efforts.

External Partners and Resources
For information about establishing external partnerships and joining professional networks, see the following sites:

Model award video Model Award Winner Melisa Hancock talks about how she used external partners to develop and implement professional development at her school.

    External Partners
    Using external partners and resources keeps you from reinventing the wheel!

      Ideas That Work: Partnerships with External Resources (Report from the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)
      The examples given refer to mathematics, but the strategies are universal.

      Professional Development: Learning From the Best
      A toolkit for schools and districts based on Model Professional Development Award Winners is located at this site.

    Professional Networks
    Staff in other schools and districts can give you great ideas and help you with professional development challenges.

      Ideas That Work: Professional Networks (Report from the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)

    Involving Staff, Parents, and Others in Organizing PD Design and Implementation

    Learn more about involving important stakeholders in professional development design and implementation.
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