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Model PD Awards:
The National Awards Program for Model Professional Development

Learn about the National Awards Program for Model Professional Development which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

    Information about the Awards Program

    How to Apply

    Award Winner Profiles
    See information about award winning schools and districts that engage staff members in high-quality professional development that exemplifies the Department's Mission and Principles of Professional Development.

      1999-2000 Winners

      1998-1999 Winners

      1997-1998 Winners

      1996-1997 Winners

    Products and Services Developed from Award Winning Schools.

    Professional Development: Learning From the Best
    A toolkit for schools and districts based on Model Professional Development Award Winners is located at this site.

    Do you want to present the NCREL Professional Development: Learning From The Best toolkit to a group? The Toolkit Facilitator's PowerPoint Presentation and Guide is available for you to download, customize and use to educate or familiarize your group with the NCREL Professional Development: Learning From The Best toolkit.

    Principles in Action: Stories of Award-Winning Professional Development
    This engaging 50 minute documentary-style video explores the real-life experiences of four winners of the U.S. Department of Education's National Award for Model Professional Development. Two schools - Montview Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado and Woodrow Wilson in Manhattan, Kansas - demonstrate the power of a school team working together with a common focus. Two districts - Olathe District Schools and Lawrence Public Schools - both in Kansas, show how to encourage and support an environment for teacher and administrator learning. (McREL)

    Teachers Who Learn Kids Who Achieve
    A research study of eight schools that won the U.S. Department of Education's National Award for Model Professional Development has been distilled into this brief and compelling story of successful school reform. A culture of learning — for teachers, students, the entire community — pervades these schools, and this book provides a glimpse of what it looks like. Teacher voices and vignettes give life to the guiding principles that researchers identified across these disparate sites. Annotated lists of resources provide concrete help in putting these principles into practice. And profiles of each school's journey demonstrate that extraordinary results can be achieved from even modest beginnings. (WestEd)

    Achieving Your Vision of Professional Development: How to Assess Your Needs and Get What You Want
    This publication assembles the most current research on professional development and change for educators looking to accelerate their professional growth and the improvement of student learning. Designed as a "how-to" resource, it reviews the stages of building an effective professional development system: developing a vision, creating a context for change, planning, investing resources, providing continual assistance, and assessing and monitoring progress. Includes detailed highlights of the seven winning programs from the 1999 National Awards Program for Model Professional Development, held by the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. (SERVE)

    Professional Development Best Practices
    The Knowledge Loom is an interactive web site where educators craft best practices, research and theory into real world success (Lab@Brown.) This Knowledge Loom collection presents research-based characteristics for successful professional development along with examples of those characteristics in practice. You can read about the practices. Review research that identifies and supports them. View stores about the practices in real schools and districts. Learn to replicate their successes in your own organization. Add your own stores, questions, bits of wisdom. Participate on online events and discussions.

    Islands of Hope in A Sea of Dream
    A research report on the eight schools that received the National Awards Program for Model Professional Development (West Ed.) Findings on a wide variety of professional development issues including topics such as: how teachers learn, degrees of freedom, external partnerships, external push/internal motivation, evaluation, relationships with districts, overcoming barriers, and inducting new staff members.
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