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Using Technology in PD

Learn more about how to use technology to implement your professional development plan.

    Check out NCREL's Technology Professional Development planning resource for technology professional developers, school technology specialists, and K-12 administrators. This site is organized around the following themes: visualizing technology-supported engaged learning, current reality, effective staff development, evaluation, and implementation.

    NCREL Critical Issue: Providing Professional Development for Effective Technology Use

    Exemplary Lessons for Mathematics and Science Classrooms
    Online projects that demonstrate engaged learning and effective use of technology.

    Technology Connections for School Improvement
    A planners' handbook and companion teacher's guide that support technology planning and integration.

    Applying Technology to Restructuring and Learning (SEDL)
    Develop portfolios for professional development that include planning for and integrating technology.

    Designing Staff Development for the Information Age
    General article from the electronic journal From Now On is available for reading.

    Ideas That Work: Technology for Professional Development (Report from the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)

    Technology and Teacher Professional Development
    The RAND Report on Teacher Training is available in its entirety.

    Professional Development: Learning From the Best
    A toolkit for schools and districts based on Model Professional Development Award Winners is located at this site.
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