Existing Archival Sources of Data

Calhoun (1994) defines existing archival sources of data:

"Existing sources of data are those items currently available in the files or archives of the school or of individual staff members. Data about the school population can be gathered and organized directly from these records. Some examples are student grades, discipline referrals, standardized test results, and demographics. The collection of data from these sources requires little effort and time from the faculty, but information from them provides the faculty with an immediate picture of the educational climate of the school." (p. 53)

Within the category of existing archival sources are several indicators of student behavior critical to student learning. They provide a rough map of the academic and social climate of the school. The entire faculty needs to have a clear, schoolwide picture of these indicators. "Variables such as attendance, referrals, grades, and courses taken," states Calhoun (1994), "indicate how many students are present or absent for instruction, how many students are moving successfully or unsuccessfully through school, and how many students are making use of the educational opportunities being offered" (p. 53).



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