Multicultural Content Integration

Banks (1993b) describes the integration of multicultural content into the classroom:

"Content integration deals with the extent to which teachers use examples and content from a variety of cultures and groups to illustrate key concepts, principles, generalizations, and theories in their subject area or discipline. The infusion of ethnic and cultural content into the subject area should be logical and not contrived.

More opportunities exist for the integration of ethnic and cultural content in some subject areas than in others. In the social studies, the language arts, and home economics, frequent and ample opportunities exist for teachers to use ethnic and cultural content to illustrate concepts, themes, and principles. There are also opportunities to integrate multicultural content into math and science. However, the opportunities are not as ample as they are in social studies and the language arts." (p. 20-21)

For more information on integrating multicultural content into the curriculum, refer to Element 5: The teacher education curriculum addresses the histories and contributions of various ethnocultural groups.

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