Process Evaluation

Gomby and Larson (1992) describe the process evaluation of school-linked services:

"A process evaluation focuses on what services were provided to whom and how. Its purpose is to describe how the program was implemented--who was involved and what problems were experienced. A process evaluation is useful for monitoring program implementation; for identifying changes to make the program operate as planned; and, generally, for program improvement." (p. 71)

"In a complex school-linked service collaboration among a number of child-serving agencies, a process evaluation may also examine how the agencies interacted during implementation. Such an assessment might document changes in relationships among social and health service providers, educators, and client families. A process evaluation might document system change as evidenced by new intake procedures, new forms, memoranda of understanding, or interagency linkage agreements. In some cases, changes in relationships and systems may be specifically planned goals of the program. In other cases, such changes may only be intermediate outcomes accomplished en route to the outcome of most interest to program: changes in the students." (pp. 70-71)

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