Correlation to Crime and Violence

The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (1995) describes the relationship of crime and violence to alcohol and other drug use:

Casement, St. George, Tallent, and Bonnett (1994) describe a complex chain of interconnections that appears to link violence with alcohol and other drug use:

According to Cohen, Baer, and Satterwhite (1991), theories concerning the relationship between violence and substance abuse can be categorized as (1) causal, (2) common origin, or (3) complex interplay. Most observers agree that the degree to which alcohol or other drugs affects violent behavior depends on a variety of biological, environmental, and cultural factors. According to the common origin theory, both AOD-related problems and violent acts could be the result of multiple factors such as a dysfunctional family environment, socioeconomic conditions, power issues, and discrimination. The complex interplay theory suggests that violence, drugs, and other factors exacerbate each another.

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