Introductory and Year-End Letters to Parents and Students

Chrispeels, Boruta, and Daugherty (1988) describe introductory and end-of-year letters that teachers can send to parents and students:

An introductory letter needs to emphasize the parents' importance to the student's educational program. It should be positive, friendly, and express the teacher's hope to help the student. An introductory letter might contain the following:

Another benefit of sending an introductory letter is that it provides a vehicle for preparing parents to expect more communication throughout the year. The format, color, or distinguishing logo that will be used on notes and/or newsletters all year can be used and explained. This is also the ideal time to initiate two-way communication. Letters can include a tear-off portion to be returned to the teacher with information on when parents are available for contact, conferences, or to help in the classroom. The teacher may also want to ask parents to answer a few questions about their child.

If the letter is to be mailed to parents, schools will need to support teachers in this effort by duplicating materials and helping with mailing. In secondary schools with a homeroom system, homeroom teachers could take on the responsibility of contacting their 30 students and introducing themselves as the primary contact person for the parent." (p. 123)

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