Parent-Teacher Contract Letters

Chrispeels, Boruta, and Daugherty (1988) present a sample parent-teacher contract letter:

"Dear Parents,

This week you and I become partners in one of the most important jobs we have--helping your child to become all he or she can be. It's a scary, exciting, and challenging task--and a terrifically rewarding one. I would like to make a contract with you.

I promise to greet your child each morning with the expectation that the day will be important. Will you learn about the school program so you can offer the same enthusiasm?

I promise to prepare exciting lessons. Will you help your child get to school well-rested and on time to appreciate them?

I promise to assign worthwhile homework every day that can be completed in 45 minutes. Will you check it daily to see that your child has read the assignment and completed it to the best of his or her ability? Will you help your child figure out a system for making sure that the assignment is brought to school each morning?

I promise to work to make your child's day an intellectually stimulating one. Will you ask questions and encourage discussions so that your child can share his or her educational growth with you?

I promise to call or write whenever I feel that your child needs a little extra help in getting along with others, growing in responsibility, or working harder. Will you call or write me if you hear a report about school that bothers you?

One of my goals this year is to encourage your child to participate fully in school work and school fun. You can help by sharing school life. Children learn what they live. When your child sees his or her life surrounded by caring and attentive parents and school staff, he or she will surely join with us to help make this the best year yet.

I'm looking forward to an exciting year and a rewarding partnership with you.



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Please share any ideas you have on how we can better work together to ensure your child has a successful year. Then sign and return this to me as soon as possible.



Courtesy of the San Diego County Office of Education.

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