Strategies for Overcoming Barriers to Parent Involvement

The Illinois Parent and School Initiative (n.d., p. 44) describes barriers to involvement and ways for schools to overcome those barriers:

"Parent Involvement Barriers: Keys to Overcome Barriers:
Lack of transportation, child care. Provide transportation, child care.
Lack of 'teaching skills.' Provide daily routine (home) activities.
Overwhelmed by basic needs with limited resources available. Provide information about services; make referral if appropriate.
Language difficulties (e.g., non-English-speaking, non-reading). Provide information about language difficulties (e.g., non-English-speaking, non-reading).
Employment schedules make involvement difficult. Schedule breakfast meeting, evening meeting; set up meeting at place of employment.
Feelings of alienation toward schools, teachers, and adminstrators. Ask involved parent to initiate contact; involve community or church leader as intermediary."

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