Narrative Student Progress Report

The Primary Learning Center at Raymond Central Elementary School in Ceresco, Nebraska, has developed a narrative progress report for students in multiage classes. The progress report is used to communicate information about a student's accomplishments, interests, abilities, development, and attitudes.

Raymond Central Elementary
Ceresco, Nebraska

Student Progress Report
1st Quarter - October 1996


Student Name: Primary Learning Center
The goals of the Primary Learning Center, emphasized throughout the
entire year, are to provide a variety of experiences that foster the child's...
aesthetic and artistic
emotional development
intellectual development
physical development
social development
personal responsibility

Focus Areas:

Action Plan
Action to be taken by:
  • Student
  • Parent
  • Teacher

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    First Quarter 1996-97


    Raymond Central Elementary Schools   Attendance
    Primary Learning Center   Days Present
    Teachers:   Days Absent
        Days Tardy

    This quarter we have been encouraging the children to get to know each other and feel comfortable learning together in our classroom. We've been focusing on the school-wide theme, Respect Shines Through. The lifelong guidelines we've introduced are: *Do your personal best. *Be trustworthy. *Be truthful. *Be an active listener. *Be encouraging. We're on our way to building a respectful, caring community.

    Each student has been involved as an active learner and teacher in:

    Center Time - making choices, being responsible, and building relationships while completing a task

    Calendar/Morning Message - incorporating math and language skills in a meaningful context

    Partner Reading - practicing reading, enjoying books, and building relationships

    Language Arts - practicing and developing both individually and in groups ...reading, writing, spelling, and oral language skills

    Math - experiences with patterns, sorting and classifying, counting, problem solving, graphing, measuring, estimating, and computation

    Theme Study - We've introduced our year-long theme, Celebrating Community, which is supported by our school-wide theme of respect. Our focus in science this year is order and organization. It has been introduced through our study of sunflowers, butterflies, seeds, and pumpkins.



    Raymond Central Elementary Schools Primary Learning Center
    Student's Name:
    Quarters 1 2 3 4 5
    Days Present          
    Days Absent          
    Days Tardy          
    Based on our knowledge of current brain research, we know that maximum learning only occurs in a safe environment. Therefore, our 1st quarter goal for the Primary Learning Center has primarily been to develop a community of learners. The students have been extensively involved in cooperative learning activities, group games, and daily exploration time to help build important long-term relationships that will support them in the next few months and years together.
    Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling,
    -Views self as reader/writer
    -Uses conventions of writing and spelling
    -Uses strategies to decode unknown words
    -Reads with understanding
    -Reads with fluency and expression
    Teacher Comments:
    -Knows and applies basic facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
    -Applies math concepts
    -Uses computation skills
    Teacher Comments:
    Theme Studies
    -Developing inquiry skills
    -Shows understanding of concepts through representation
    Teacher Comments:
    Learning Behaviors/Life Skills
    -Demonstrates positive attitude toward learning
    -Developing cooperative learning skills
    -Uses study skills
    Teacher Comments:
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