Technology for Teaching and Learning

Avoca School District #37, in Wilmette, Illinois, developed the following technology plan. It contains three sections:

Creating and Sustaining a Climate of Learning (Overview)
Mission Statement



Avoca School District #37 has developed a visionary design and innovative plan to integrate technology throughout the curriculum. This plan has enabled us to successfully bridge the gap between a well-defined plan for integration and the effective implementation of that plan over two and a half years time. We began with an inclusive planning process. We developed a plan to integrate technology and a process through which this plan would be implemented. Key to the implementation process has been a professional growth model that connects teacher needs and training with curricular application and innovation.

Components of the Plan

Implementation to Sustain a Climate of Learning

There often is a gap between the best of plans and the resulting level of effective implementation. At Avoca, we have bridged this gap by putting computers directly into the hands of teachers. We also have carefully structured a system of learning to use technology, which creates a positive impact on the instructional program. We have involved and empowered teachers in the total process.

At the Core

Shared decision-making has resulted in ownership. Remembering the needs of individuals in the process of change is a priority. Providing opportunities for direct access to technology and incentives to use it, as well as allowing TIME to learn, apply, and innovate as we facilitate student experiences, have been the core of our success at Avoca.


A mission of Avoca School District #37 is for all students to use evolving technologies, for improving the teaching/learning process, and for enhancing the operation and supervision of its schools.


[Three of the following goals list detailed action steps that were carried out during the implementation years of 1992-95.]

Goal 1: Students will efficiently access, process, and communicate information through the use of technology.

Goal 2: Staff will commit to integrating appropriate evolving technology into curricular areas, beginning with math, science, and writing.

Goal 3: Staff will have equal opportunities to develop proficiency in the use of technology through staff development and collegial support.

Goal 4: Staff will increase their efficiency/effectiveness through the use of technology for curriculum development and for the accomplishment of routine tasks."

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