Anticipation/Reaction Guide

An Anticipation/Reaction Guide is used to assess a class's knowledge before they begin a lesson.


Prior Knowledge Topic Survey

Anticipation/Reaction Guide

Instruction: Respond to each statement twice: once before the lesson and again after reading it.

  • Write A if you agree with the statement
  • Write B if you disagree with the statement
Response Before Lesson TOPIC: Dinosaurs Response After Lesson
  Dinosaurs are the most successful group of land animals ever to roam the Earth.  
  Paleontology is the study of fossils.  
  Human beings belong to the Zenozoic Era.  
  Most dinosaurs have Greek names.  
  Some dinosaurs are named for places in which their fossilized remains were found.  
  Dinosaurs ruled our planet for over 150 million years.  
  Dinosaurs had small brains  



Excerpted from Strategic Teaching and Reading Project Guidebook. (1995, NCREL, rev. ed.)
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