Who to Interview and What Questions to Ask

The students in Dean's class wrote letters to people in the community they wished to interview. They also assembled a list of questions they wished to ask the people they interviewed so they would not go into the interview unprepared. A sample letter and the interview questions follow:

We, the members of Mrs. Dean's 1st period Speech class, are composing a video documentary about the history of our school system(s) for the Iowa Sesquicentennial. We would like to ask for your participation in this exciting and interesting project. To be included in this documentary are interviews with local citizens and others who have been associated with the district for several years.

We would like you to share some of your memories and experiences of teaching in this area. With your permission, we may would include segments of your interview in the documentary mentioned above. Enclosed are some topics for you to consider. However, do not feel confined to these ideas, they are merely to help jog your memory. If you have any pictures or momentos that you think we may be interested in, feel free to bring them as well.

Individuals from our Speech class will be contacting you the week of February 13-17, to set up an interview time. The interview will last approximately 20-30 minutes. As mentioned, with your permission, segments may be included in the documentary. Your contributions will be very useful to us as this video will be a part of the Sesquicentennial look at the Iowa Great Lakes.

We hope that you will jog your memory banks and join us in this inquiry of our school's, our town's, and our state's history. If you have any questions, please contact us at the high school at 338-2446. Thank you!


1st hour Speech class:

Interview Questions for Teachers:

(Please state your name. How long have you taught school? How long have you taught in this school system?)
  1. What joys do you get from working with kids from day to day?
  2. How has the school changed while you have worked here?
  3. What is one experience you will never forget?
  4. While teaching, what was your most memorable first day of school?
  5. Have you ever chaperoned a dance or a prom? What was one experience you will never forget?
  6. How have the clothing styles changed in the time you have taught?
  7. What was the most bizarre rule that you or the students have ever had to follow?
  8. How has the curriculum changed while you have taught here?
  9. What is your definition of sense of place? How do you install a sense of place in your students?
  10. What do you like best about our school?

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