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Preparing Technology-Competent Teachers for Urban and Rural Classrooms: A Teacher Education Challenge

December 2002

Kathleen Fulton
National Commission on Teaching and America's Future

Allen D. Glenn
University of Washington–Seattle

Gilbert Valdez
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

Robert Blomeyer
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory



Essentials of the Study

Background Issues
Selection of Sites
Initial Nominations
Ranking of Institutions
Site Materials Review and Final Selection

Case Study Visits and Reporting

Common Findings

  1. Leadership
  2. Technology Superstars
  3. Effective Technology Support
  4. External Funding Sources
  5. State Mandates Focusing Attention
  6. Influencing Teaching Outside the College of Education
  7. Strong Links to the Local School Community

Ways in Which Case Sites Vary
Technology Infrastructure: University Versus Local Schools
How Students Are Prepared for Diversity

Mirroring Long-Standing Challenges in Teacher Education
Upping the Ante for Teacher Education: Technology and Diversity Preparation

Areas of Future Study

  1. Institutional Issues
  2. Issues Related to Graduates of These Programs

Final Comments



Appendix A: Preliminary List of Sites
Appendix B: Sample Letter of Invitation to Participate in the Study
Appendix C: Interviewee List and Interview Protocols
Appendix D: Case Study of Appalachian State University
Appendix E: Case Study of Florida State University
Appendix F: Case Study of University of Texas at El Paso
Appendix G: Case Study of University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Appendix H: Case Study of Western Illinois University
Appendix I: Case Study of Xavier University of Louisiana


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