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"I Wish I Knew it When I Started..."

Teaching is one of the most difficult endeavors. Like the other "learned professions" learning to teach successfully requires years of trial and error during which insights and practices are developed that allow the teacher to understand the world of the classroom in great depth and to act in that world effectively and successfully.

In all professions but teaching the person learning the craft works closely with a person who is already an expert: watching, questioning, imitating, and even asking them to justify their own actions and insights.

To give teachers everywhere the chance to benefit from the expertise of their highly sucessful peers, we've compiled audio excerpts from lengthy interviews conducted with experienced and accomplished teachers who share their solutions to many of the critical pedagogical and personal issues facing teachers.

To hear the interviews you will need to have the free QuickTime (version 3 or later) plugin installed on your computer (it may already be installed). Further information about the plugin is available.

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