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School Improvement

School improvement research, policy, tools, and best practices are woven throughout the NCREL Web site. The following Web sites, however, are specifically designed to help schools and districts look critically at themselves and develop plans and strategies to make necessary improvements.

Closing the Achievement Gaps
NCREL understands that one of the most enduring and disheartening characteristics of our society is the achievement gap in standardized test scores between African American, Latino/a, Native American, and low-income students and their white, Asian, and economically advantaged peers. NCREL also recognizes that there are many achievement gaps in education today; NCREL is focusing its research, policy and practice work on the student achievement gap, a gap that can be predicted by characteristics such as race and income. This Web site will provide users the chance to learn about the achievement gaps, strategies and tools, and NCREL's work in closing the gaps.

Comprehensive School Reform
Comprehensive school reform (CSR) focuses on reorganizing and revitalizing entire schools, rather than on implementing individual programs. It uses well-researched and well-documented models for schoolwide change that are supported by expert trainers and facilitators. This site provides a wide variety of tools, resources, state-specific information, and nationwide links to other CSR sites.

Pathways to School Improvement
Pathways synthesizes research, policy, and best practices on issues critical to educators, parents, and community members involved in school improvement.

Pulling Together: R&D; Resources for Rural Schools
Pulling Together, a product of the ten Regional Educational Laboratories throughout the country, is a collection of research and development resources for educators who work in rural settings. The resources include Web sites, publications, training programs, model programs, and services.


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