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About Our Policy Work

Through its nonpartisan policy work, Learning Point Associates strives to get education research and policy-relevant data into the hands of those who need it. Learning Point Associates has proven itself as a valuable resource in education policy by synthesizing research and information in a manner that is understandable to policymakers; convening groups of educators, researchers, policymakers, and community members through advisory networks and meetings; and producing a number of publications and products addressing a variety of education policy topics.

Regional Advisory Networks
Regular Policy Publications
Policy Staff

Regional Advisory Networks

Through the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), Learning Point Associates has established a set of advisory networks designed to expand, strengthen, and connect our work to the needs and requests of our constituents, especially in small rural districts and large urban centers. These advisory groups, which are listed below, meet with the Learning Point Associates program staff to recommend strategies for delivering products and services to constituents, to participate in developing products and services targeting various audiences, and to review and evaluate products and services as a part of our quality assurance process. Each advisory network meets at least once a year.

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Regular Policy Publications

NCREL produces a number of publications and products addressing a variety of educational policy topics. You can view our policy publications either by topic or by publication.

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Policy Staff

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Rebecca Phillips, Program Associate

Hoor Bhanpuri, Program Associate

Peggie Klekotka, Program Associate

Sandy Moore, Program Specialist

Donna Bronson, Meeting Coordinator

Linda Gould, Administrative Secretary

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