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The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act stipulates that all public school students must meet or exceed the state's proficient level of academic achievement by the end of the 2013–14 school year. The law also requires that each state develop a monitoring and accountability system to measure that targets are being reached. The adequate yearly progress (AYP) criteria are critical to this system. AYP defines, uniquely within each state, a sequence of performance benchmarks for the state, its districts, and its schools. While NCLB's AYP-based accountability system addresses school performance, it does not provide the guidance needed for schools to make the progress being asked of them.

Just as schools need reliable data and systems to measure progress against AYP goals, they need guidance and viable solutions to improve their teaching practices to ensure they meet those goals. The Center for Education Decision Support Systems at Learning Point Associates recently published a report, Finding Additional Value in New Accountability Systems, that addresses some basic issues surrounding accountability systems and introduces several innovative concepts to help structure thought about how new accountability systems can generate additional utility. The authors maintain that it is possible to augment current state accountability systems so they provide answers to the important questions that will determine the success or failure of schools. A subsequent paper will detail a schematic for the design and implementation of appropriate solutions given the knowledge, technology, and capacity already available.

Learning Point Associates also offers a variety of data tools and resources to help states and districts address the opportunities and challenges presented by NCLB.

Report: Finding Additional Value in New Accountability Systems

Additional Resources

Data Exploration: A Journey to Better Teaching and Learning
Booklet included

Educating for Democracy: School and Classroom Practices
Assessment of democracy in schools or districts

enGauge®: A Framework for Effective Technology Use
Comprehensive educational technology evaluation

Leadership Audit Tool
Leadership assessment

Lesson Planner
Creates consistent lesson plans

Quality School Portfolio (QSP)
Data-management software

Scoring Guide for Student Products
Assessment of student technology work

Self-Assessment Tool for School Leaders
Technology integration assessment

State Education Data Systems That Increase Learning and Improve Accountability
Policy Issues, Issue 16

Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)
Math, science, and English language arts curriculum alignment

Technology Challenges During Teachers' Induction Years
Technology assessments for beginning teachers


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