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Welcome to the NCREL Educational Policy Web site at Learning Point Associates. This site includes information, research, and materials to help educators and policymakers understand and respond to state and federal guidelines. Resources on the site include a featured policy topic, updated quarterly, with links to relative resources, policy publications, and state-specific information and links.


Educational Policy: Afterschool Opportunities for Children and Youth From Low-Income Families

School-based and school-linked afterschool programs and other out-of-school-time programs present an opportunity to address a range of child and youth development needs that are unmet by schools and other local institutions. Children need opportunities for academic and cultural enrichment and safe spaces for physical activity, play, and socializing that may not be otherwise available to them. Well-designed afterschool programs that are responsive to community needs have the potential to equalize access to these opportunities and improve the quality of out-of-school time for children and youth of diverse backgrounds.


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