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NCREL believes in the strategy of convening and facilitating discussions among key educators and policymakers at the regional, state, and local levels. Coordinated use of networks is the best way to ensure that the many existing regional providers and decision makers leverage their efforts to more successfully support school reform and developments. NCREL’s primary policy stakeholders are convened through regional and state network meetings and seminars. Information on the state policy networks concept is described in the short paper available below.

Building State Policy Networks: Using Research and Practice to Inform Policy by Judy Taylor and Sabrina Laine (NCREL), and Deborah Clemmons (ECS)

Regional Meetings and Activities

NCREL Annual Conferences (2003, 2002, and 2001)

Summary Report on the NCREL Going to Scale with Scientifically Based Instructional Strategies Forum, May 15-16, 2003

Bridging the Great Divide: Broadening Perspectives on Closing Achievement Gaps, September 19, 2020

Summary Report on the NCREL Capacity Building Conference on No Child Left Behind, September 18, 2020

Teacher Quality Vertical Learning Network Meeting, April 30, 2020

Achievement Gap Vertical Learning Network Meeting, October 30, 2020

State Meetings and Activities

To see individual state meeting summaries and activities click on the state listing below:

Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Michigan | Minnesota | Ohio | Wisconsin


Contact Donna Bronson, program assistant, NCREL, for information regarding policy meetings and activities.


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