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Educational Service Agency (ESA) Alliance Information Page

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Representatives from NCREL and various educational service agencies (ESAs) from states throughout the North Central region (Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) have been engaged in an ongoing, collaborative alliance since June 1992.

Over the years, NCREL and the ESAs have attempted to create and put into operation both a "knowledge utilization system" and a "network" of governance and service delivery providers in the North Central region.

Composed of three directors from each of the North Central region's statewide educational service units, the ESA Alliance serves as a market research group, a product and service dissemination network, and a partner in joint development initiatives with NCREL.

Meetings, Summaries, and Activities


Click on the state for a listing of Education Service Agency sites for that state.


  • Ms. Vicki Hensley, Assistant Superintendent, I-KAN Regional Office of Education
  • Dr. Jay Linksman, executive director, Regional Office of Education
  • Dr. Don Morrison, director, Kishwaukee Intermediate Delivery System


  • Mr. Larry Risk, Wilson Education Service Center


  • Dr. Ron Fielder, chief administrator, Grant Wood AEA #10
  • Mr. Glenn Pelecky, administrator, Area Education Agency #9
  • Dr. Richard Vittengl, Keystone Area Education Agency #1


  • Mr. Graydon Blank, Gogebic-Ontonagan Intermediate School District
  • Mr. William Mayes, Huron Intermediate School District
  • Mr. John Graves, Jackson County Intermediate School District


  • Mr. Paul Brinkman, Northeast Service Cooperation
  • Mr. Robert Cavanna, executive director, Resource & Training Solutions
  • Ms. Suzanne Riley, director, Planning & General Administration, Southeast Minnesota Service Cooperative


  • Mr. David Distel, Hamilton County Educational Service Center
  • Ms. Kathy Thornton, Hamilton County Educational Service Center
  • Mr. Doug Garmen, Wood County Education Service Center


  • Mr. Don Stevens, CESA #5
  • Mr. Fred Schlichting, CESA #12
  • Ms. Joan Wade, CESA #6

Web Site Links

State Service Agency Web Sites:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin

Contact Gaye Zarazinski or Peggie Klekotka ,
for information regarding the NCREL ESA Alliance.


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