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Rural Advisory Council (RAC)
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The current NCREL Rural Advisory Council was established in 1998. The group provides feedback on product and service design, recommends methods for dissemination, and assists NCREL directly with dissemination efforts. The group consists of rural education representatives including superintendents, intermediate service agency staff, and state rural education association members from each of NCREL's seven states.


Implementing the No Child Left Behind Act: Implications for Rural Schools and Districts



  • Mr. Steven Breckon, Association of Illinois Rural and Small Schools Representative, LaHarpe, IL
  • Ms. Linda Davis, Superintendent, Tamms, IL
  • Mr. Brad Kenser, Principal, Lewistown, IL
  • Mr. Rod McQuality, Principal, Williamsville, IL


  • Ms. Judy Brook, Principal, Marshall, IN
  • Mr. Robert Klitzman, Superintendent, Winamac, IN
  • Mr. Roger Sutton, Superintendent, North Judson, IN
  • Mr. Scott Turney, Executive Director, South Indiana ECS 1, Jasper, IN, Indiana Small and Rural Schools Representative


  • Mr. Alan Jensen, Superintendent, North English, IA
  • Ms. Carol Montz, School Administrator, English Valley Elementary School, North English, IA
  • Mr. Todd Wolverton, Principal, Creston High School, Creston, IA


  • Dr. James Mapes, Superintendent, Van Buren ISD, Lawrence, MI
  • Mr. Stan Delidow, Project Director, Michigan Rural Systemic Initiatives, Indiana River, MI
  • Mr. William LeTarte, Superintendent, Mar-Lee School, Marshall, MI
  • Mr. Jerry Skarbek, Superintendent, Galien Township Schools, Galien, MI


  • Mr. Lowell Niklaus, Superintendent, Detroit Lakes Public Schools
  • Ms. Vernae Hasbergen, Minnesota Rural Education Association Representative, Alexandria, MN
  • Mr. Kim Ross, Superintendent, Houston, MN
  • Mr. Cornelius Smit, Superintendent, Slayton, MN


  • Mr. Bob Caldwell, Superintendent, Waterford, OH
  • Mr. Richard Fisher, Executive Director, Coalition of Rural & Appalachian Schools, Athens, OH
  • Ms. Cindy Hartman, Principal, Corning, OH
  • Mr. Dennis Meade, Superintendent, Minford, OH


  • Mr. Scott Brunswick, Principal, Arbor Vitae, WI
  • Mr. Richard Rolfsmeyer, administrator, Wisconsin Rural Challenge, Inc.

Web Site Links

Pulling Together: R&D Resource for Rural Schools Web Site

ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and small schools

Navigating Resources for Rural Schools

Retired Members

  • Mr. Art Brandli, president, Minnesota Rural Education Association, Warroad, MN
  • Ms. Leah Covey, principal consultant, Illinois State Board of Education, Marion, IL
  • Mr. Max Evans, retired executive director, Coalition of Rural & Appalachian Schools, Athens, OH
  • Mr. Gary Hayden, chief administrator, Area Education Agency #4, Sioux Center, IA
  • Ms. Linda Lindauer, retired executive director, South Indiana ECS 1, Jasper, IN
  • Dr. Les Martisko, executive director, South Central Service Cooperative, N. Mankato, MN
  • Dr. Carl Munson, director, WI Graduate Program, Aurora University, Milwaukee, WI
  • Dr. Thomas Pickering, dean, University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN
  • Ms. Judy Pletcher, director of membership services, Rural Schools of Iowa, Inc., Des Moines, IA
  • Ms. Sheila Rohr, past president - board member, Indiana Small & Rural Schools Association, Rockville, IN
  • Mr. Dean Ryerson, Superintendent, Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
  • Ms. Barbara Rossetti, first-grade teacher, Malvern Elementary School, Malvern, OH
  • Ms. Elaine Salinas, Rural School & Community Trust, Green Bay, WI
  • Ms. Bonnie Smith-Skripps, associate dean, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL
  • Ms. Jennifer Thayer, Director, Curriculum and Instruction, Monroe, WI
  • Mr. Doug Thomas, Southern Minnesota outreach coordinator, Humphrey Institute/University of Minnesota, Henderson, MN
  • Mr. William Urban, executive secretary, Wisconsin Association of CESA Administrators (WACA), Fennimore, WI
  • Mr. Mark Yontz, Rural Schools of Iowa, Inc., Des Moines, IA


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