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Effective Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies in the Midwest: Who Is Making Use of Them? (2001)

Policymakers face tough decisions about how to best attract and keep good teachers. A variety of Midwestern policymakers in both the legislative and executive branches of government polled by NCREL indicated that they need more information about what school districts are doing to effectively recruit and retain high-quality teachers. With support from the Center for School Change at the University of Minnesota, NCREL sought to fill this gap in knowledge by conducting a survey of school administrators in its seven-state region (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin). In asking whether or not each district is having difficulty retaining high-quality teachers, the survey was designed to collect basic information about which strategies have been adopted and how effective these strategies have been at recruiting and retaining teachers. A number of questions regarding new teacher support programs were included in the survey.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies in the Midwest
Policy Issues No. 8 (July 2001)

This edition of Policy Issues presents an overview of the results of an NCREL survey sent to superintendents in the seven-state North Central region (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin). The two-page survey asked superintendents if their districts are having difficulty retaining high-quality teachers, which strategies they have implemented to retain and attract high-quality teachers, and how effective these strategies have been. In this overview, the authors give special attention to how the location and wealth of school districts affect the use of teacher retention and recruitment strategies. The authors describe effective strategies and identify where they are being used in the region. Finally, the authors offer conclusions and recommendations for state and local policymakers. The full report, Effective Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies in the Midwest: Who Is Making Use of Them?, also is available on this Web page (see above).

Expanding NCREL's Understanding of and Response to Educator Supply and Demand Needs: Regional Administrator Associations Offer Guidance to the Lab (2001)

As part of its continuous effort to bring expert guidance to policymakers, NCREL, in cooperation with the Education Commission of the States and the National Council of State Legislatures, hosted a symposium with legislative staffers to discuss the link between improved teacher quality and closing the achievement gaps between and among groups of students. Dr. Ronald Ferguson, Harvard University, and Dr. Allan Alson, superintendent of Evanston Township High School District 202 (Evanston, Illinois) and convenor of the Minority Student Achievement Network, presented to the staffers. This meeting summary highlights policy options and guidance.

Teacher Shortages in the Midwest: Current Trends and Future Issues (2000)

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Are shortages of high-quality teachers having an impact on Midwestern states? What can be done to address teacher shortages in several key curriculum areas throughout the Midwest? What are the most important steps states can take to attract, train, and retain excellent teachers? This report brings together, for the first time, research from seven Midwestern states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin) on these critical issues. Conclusions and recommendations also are included.

The Voices of Teachers on Teaching (2000)

This Web site gives novice classroom teachers the chance to benefit from the expertise of their highly successful peers. It presents audio excerpts from lengthy interviews conducted with experienced and accomplished teachers, who share their solutions to many of the critical instructional and personal issues facing teachers today. Written transcripts of the interviews also are available on the site.

To hear the interviews, you need to have the free QuickTime plug-in (Version 3 or later) installed on your computer. Further information about the plug-in is available.

Issues of Supply and Demand: Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers (1999)

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This multimedia packet (which is no longer available) contained audiotapes of interviews with education leaders on the topic of teacher recruitment and retention. The essay "Building the Profession: Recruiting and Retaining Quality Teachers" provides a well-rounded overview of the issue, examples of research and current practice, and suggestions for policymakers to make a broad range of improvements.

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