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One of the most fundamental steps in successfully integrating technology is to create a solid technology plan. NCREL has developed online resources and tools that can help educators and policymakers in the process of technology planning. The chart below contains information on and links to these products.

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Featured Products

Technology Connections for School Improvement: Planners' Handbook and Technology Connections for School Improvement: Teacher's Guide ( abstract)
Plugging In: Choosing and Using Educational Technology        
Guiding Questions for Technology Planning        
Pathways Critical Issue: Developing a School or District Technology Plan          

Templates, Forms, Interactive Tools, and Guidebooks

enGauge Web Site        
Planning for D3T CD-ROM            
Learning With Technology Profile Tool        

Supplemental Resources

Pathways Critical Issue: Promoting Technology Use in Schools            
Policy Issues: Virtual Schools and E-Learning in K-12 Environments: Emerging Policy and Practice            
1. Key Factors
2. Determine Context
3. Setting Goals
4. Identify Gaps
5. Determine Strategies
6. Implement Technology
7. Evaluate Technology


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