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Student academic achievement overall depends on effective classroom practice, which embeds content and technology student skills, equity, tasks, and assessment, teacher and student roles, as well as instructional strategies aligned with curriculum standards. NCREL has developed various resources and tools that help educators make key decisions about practice and instruction. The chart below contains information about these resources.

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Featured Products

enGauge Web Site    
Computer-Based Technology & Learning: Evolving Uses and Expectations              
E-Learning Knowledge Base        
Plugging In: Choosing and Using Educational Technology        
Pathways Critical Issue: Promoting Technology Use in Schools              
Pathways Critical Issue: Ensuring Equitable Use of Education Technology            
Pathways Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement          

Templates, Forms, Interactive Tools, and Guidebooks

EdSTAR Minnesota                    
Scoring Guide for Student Products                  
Learning With Technology Profile Tool              
Captured Wisdom™ in Middle School              
Captured Wisdom™ on Adult Literacy              
NCRTEC Lesson Planner                
The Amazing Picture Machine                  
Learning With Technology Course Resources            

Supplemental Resources

A Bibliography of Research and Resources on Technology and Engaged Learning            
NCREL's Learning Point: All Wired Up...Now What?                
NCREL's Learning Point: Taking an Electronic Field Trip to Africa                
1. Student Technology Literacy
2. Engaged Learning
3. Equity
4. Tasks
5. Assessment
6. Teacher Student Roles
7. Curriculum Standards
8. Instructional Strategies
9. Action Steps
10. Tools







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