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Data Use

School Improvement Through Data-Driven Decision Making

"Data helps you make changes. And when you see data, it really puts [student achievement] right in your face."Virginia Lawton, 6th-grade teacher in Wisconsin

In the new climate of accountability and data-driven decision making, data-use tools and resources need to be readily available for educators and those that support them. This Web site is designed to give educators—and others involved in using data in a classroom, school, or district—a variety of places to find resources, tools, and action steps to foster school improvement.

Data Systems Conference:

Data Systems and Instructional Improvement: There is Much More to Do was held December 1–2, 2005. You can read and hear presentations from the conference online.

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Data Primer
Learn about using data for the purposes of instructional decision making.

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Data Resources
Search an annotated list of research and resources on data use.

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Data Tools
Find products, tools, and online resources tailored to fit your data needs.

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How to Use Data
Apply a data-use process for school improvement.

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Characteristics of Successful Schools
Collecting and Using Perceptions Data.

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