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Technology Professional Development
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Supporting Technology in Education with Professional Development

Welcome to NCREL's planning resource for technology professional developers, school technology specialists, and K-12 administrators.

We've organized this site around the following themes:

    Visualizing Technology-Supported Engaged Learning
    Current Reality
    Effective Staff Development

Each theme has a matching tab at the top of the page. Each tab links to four additional ones—Knowledge Nuggets, Tools, Activities, and Bibliographical Resources—that provide you with up-to-date planning information, tools, and resources for each theme. These planning support materials can be used either sequentially or selectively to support specific planning activities.

If you would like a guided tour of our Technology Professional Development Web site, or if you would appreciate more information about issues and questions that influence planning technology professional development in your district, we have created a customized "WebQuest" to guide your initial exploration of our new site. Our "quest" invokes a "realistic" administrative scenario and simulates a district-level planning process in which technology professional development becomes a crucial concern.

Our Technology Professional Development WebQuest is available to download below as either a Word document or an RTF (Rich Text Format) file. The RTF file can be easily opened and translated by most word processors on both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The translated RTF documents will not have the active Web links included in the Word document.

Technology Professional Development Word Document

Technology Professional Development RTF Document


link to <em>enGauge</em> Homepage
A Framework for Effective Technology Use in the Schools

The enGauge Web site helps schools and districts use technology effectively for learning, teaching, and managing. This site provides tools and resources for designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating school and systemwide technology initiatives that focus on improving student learning. Visit our sister site and explore the resources.
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