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Data Use: Data Tools

Find products, tools, and online resources tailored to fit your data needs.

These products and tools can be very useful and save precious time when collecting and analyzing different types of data. The following matrix of tools and products has been organized to focus on various areas of need in schools and districts.

Matrix Instructions
To find a tool by name, use the list along the left side of the matrix. To search the list of tools by a specific area of need, match the number to the key on the right side of the matrix. Each tool name links to additional details.

Tools 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Precision Teaching Tool
Alternative Certification Evaluation Template
Research-Based Assessment
Curriculum Mapping Web Site
Math and Science Focused
Data Exploration Video
Booklet Included
Educating for Democracy: School and Classroom Practices
Assessment of Democracy in School or District
enGauge®: A Framework for Effective Technology Use
Comprehensive Educational Technology Evaluation
Leadership Audit Tool
Leadership Assessment
Lesson Planner
Creates Consistent Lesson Plans
Making Good Choices: A Guide for Schools and Districts
Comprehensive School Reform
Quality School Portfolio (QSP)
Data Management Software
Scoring Guide for Student Products
Assessement of Student Technology Work
Self-Assessment Tool for School Leaders
Technology Integration Assessment
Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)
Math, Science, and Language Arts Curriculum Alignment
Technology Challenges During Teachers' Induction Years
Technology Assessments for Begininng Teachers
TQ Source
Online Teacher-Quality Data Tool and Resources
1. Assessment and Accountability
2. Curriculum Management
3. Instruction and Practice
4. Professional Development
5. Data Culture
6. School and District Climate
7. Community Partnership
8. Technology Integration
9. School and District Leadership
10. Teacher Quality


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